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Emmaisms: I Don’t Want A Scarry Video

As I begin to share my writing again, I thought "What better place than an Emmaism?" People really seem to enjoy them. Heck, I enjoy them! As Marie and I were driving down the road the other day she reminded me of an incident shortly after we had adopted her. Emma was...

Moving forward

You may start noticing some changes to this website. Moving forward, after much thought and consideration, I decided to consolidate most of my writing to this one website. Therefore, I've renamed the website Reading Chris. This is not to say that Glitches and Smiles...

Emmaisms: Air Tickles

While playing with Oliver (our grandson) the other day Marie and I stumbled upon a great memory of Emma. Up until about her 17th birthday she had one very unique quality when it came to being tickled; you didn't even have to touch her. All you had to do was wiggle...

Short stories, tall tales and a whole lot of opinions

Here you will find a repository of my writing.  I like to write.  And I like variety.  It is my sincere hope that you will find encouragement, nourishment, answers and questions in my writing.  Some of my writing is to create change.  Other endeavours are simply for pleasure.  If I make you think or make you smile… or even make you angry, I’ve done what I set out to do.

Chris Lengquist

Chris Lengquist, author
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Glitches and Smiles

Glitches and Smiles hasn’t gone anywhere.  It is simply a part of a more broad website dedicated to my writing.  Emma changed my life and there is no forgetting her.  The lessons I learned from her will continue to be shared right here on this website. Mental health, adoption and special needs touches us all in some form or fashion.  This site, and my writing, will always honor that notion. Just press the button to read more on these topics.